SPRING 2020  Coronavirus action

This is a temporary page to pass on information as it is received from the Diocese and The Scottish Episcopal Church (Province) during the time of this pandemic. Items here will be dated. We pray that this page will exist for a short time only and will pass into history soon. We pray for everyone of our congregation and all in need at this time.

           There is good news: When the current lockdown ends, we look forward to services again at St Machar’s with Holy Eucharist being celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. Attendance will be by invitation only and application will be invited before services begin.

Cancellation of All Services and Events in the Church

I think you will be aware that the purpose of preventing gatherings of people is to try and lessen the load on the health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It does not mean that we have stopped being a church!

Caring for one another and staying in touch becomes even more important at this time. Prayer becomes more important.

We miss the physical closeness that we usually share together – communal worship, the hand shaking, hugging, sharing of food and cups of coffe/tea.

The Vestry is getting information and instructions from Bishop Anne and from The  Scottish Episcopal Church (The Province) These are dated and listed below with the newest at the top

There is an email on the website homepage or phone 01224 712776

1 April

If you have urgent need of help from a Priest we have been asked to pass on all such requests to Bishop Anne so please contact the email or phone as above.

Bishop Anne provides a Diocesan Newsletter approximately once a fortnight. This is emailed to all congregational members. The ‘Diocesan Newsletter’ page of this site should show these and the page will be updated when possible.

All members of the congregation are sent the Order of Service for Morning Prayer and the readings for the next few weeks either electronically or by post.  Anyone who has not received this and would like it, please let us know as above.
The Eucharistic Service from the Scottish Episcopal Church is broadcast via the SEC website at 11am each Sunday while church buildings are closed.  It is on Facebook and YouTube 


On Sunday evenings at 19:00 some people like to light a candle in the window and say prayers for all affected by this virus. 
See some of the previous messages below for advice about prayer at this time and other ways to help.
19 March
As part of the ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) will this Sunday (22 March) begin broadcasting video coverage of Eucharistic services via its website, social media channels and YouTube channel. The web page for the broadcast is located at www.scotland.anglican.org/broadcast-sunday-worship, 

The first service, led by the Most Rev Mark Strange, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, will be broadcast at 11am on Sunday, to coincide with when many people would normally be worshipping, if church services had not been suspended earlier this week.

The website will also contain a downloadable video and audio format of the service. A new service will be broadcast every Sunday on the SEC website, to allow all congregations to worship. We are aware that some congregations will offer their own version of online worship, but others will not have the means or resource to attempt this, hence this province-wide broadcast.

In advance of the broadcast of each provincial service, the Liturgy will be available to download from the SEC website. We are conscious of the need to offer as much assistance as possible to those who have no access to the internet, and we encourage people to distribute the video/audio recordings and the Liturgy widely within their own personal networks. In households with no internet or playback capacity, people who can be helped by others through the provision of printed materials will have the opportunity to read the words of the Liturgy to themselves close to the appointed time, praising God along with others in the Church.

“Prayer is an important part of the tradition and spiritual life of the people of God,” said Bishop Mark. “In hard times and good times, quietly being before God with the people we love in our hearts encircles us all in God’s everlasting love and the promise of hope and salvation.”

The service will be available online after its first broadcast, followed by a new one each week, the next at 11am on Sunday 29 March.

Thanks go out to all those across Scotland who have reached out to offer their services for this project. The SEC Digital Communications Co-ordinator, Aidan Strange, will be in touch with those who have already been in contact to discuss the opportunity further.

Any Church member who is interested in participating and any Church able to host the filming of a service or prayer meeting should contact the SEC Digital Communications Co-ordinator at aidans@scotland.anglican.org

Donald Walker
Director of Communications
Scottish Episcopal Church
0131 225 6357
07736 042 850
14 March 2020
Received from Bishop Anne
Subject: Updated Coronavirus advice and any questions to me please. If anyone wishes to pass on questions or information to Bishop Anne, please send these to the secretary address on this web page and I shall forward them.
You should all have seen this:

The most important things right now are:

– self-isolation when necessary
– not visiting the most vulnerable, because you don’t know what you might already carry
– no-one attending anything, that they otherwise could attend, if they are anxious

Please share widely.



Encourage everyone to say more prayers.
Phone up those who are anxious and vulnerable
God’s peace to you all

The Rt Revd Anne Dyer
Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney